What is ASID?

Our mission is to bring together companies, volunteers, institutions and people with disabilities to build an inclusive society.

Our goal is to impact 10 million people by 2025. For this, the projects follow 3 guidelines, that unfold in programs aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and 4 kinds of services are delivered:


Alignment with SDG:

SDO 4 SDO 8 SDO 10 SDO 11 SDO 17


– Tools to put into practice a building of an inclusive society. Click here and find out what an inclusive society is for ASID.


We created a methodology based on diagnosis of management, project and free accompaniment for the institutions of teaching and philanthropic care for people with disabilities. This methodology allows the structuring of internal processes to improve the quality of service and increase the number of vacancies.


We hold free monthly events called Coffee of Good Practices so that the institutions have access to new knowledge and can be part of the ASID Network. The goal is to generate learning, exchange good practices among institutions, provide opportunities and be a platform to strengthen the cause.


Volunteer actions unite the interest of companies in the development of skills in their internal public with actions in the institutions that are part of the ASID’s Network. ASID carries out various types of actions, working in the organization, realization and measurement of results of actions.


The methodology we create follows the logic of sensitizing and preparing the teams of companies and then articulating with institutions for people with disabilities of the ASID’s Network for recruitment and selection. In this way we generate the conscious and assertive inclusion, good for the company that hires and for whom it is included.

– Our values:

“We work for a cause. Without it, we would not exist ”
We make it happen regardless of any context, we deliver the best results”
“Inspiring relationships. Friends in pursuit of the same ideal, always ”
Innovative spirit. Young entrepreneurs, seeking eternal personal and professional growth ”
Altruism, we work for our neighbor. This is what makes us get out of bed every day ”
Our ASID. We are all ASID owners”

Members of the Strategic Council
Alexandre Nunes – Shell; Zaxo Mergers and Acquisitions
Professor Ana Lúcia Jansen de Mello de Santana – Interdisciplinary Nucleus of Studies
on the 3rd Sector of UFPR
Diego Hideo Tutumi Moreira – Co-founder of ASID Brasil
Eliziane Gorniak – Instituto Positivo
Lina Maria Usecha Kempf – Aliança Empreendedora
Márcio Rabelo – Dom Cabral Foundation – FDC
Rudi Pelissari – Pelissari Management & Technology

Our Mentors
Pedro Janot – Zara, Azul & Contravento
Sofia Esteves – Cia de Talentos