Why we do it

We exist to build an inclusive society. Brazil has 6.2% of the population with disabilities, 60,000 of them do not have the opportunity to develop as there are no vacancies in educational institutions and less than 1% of formal jobs in Brazil are filled by people with disabilities.

With this context and from a survey of institutions, people with disabilities, their families, businesses, volunteers and government we created three guidelines that guide our work, they are: empowerment of families, development of people with disabilities and inclusion in the labor market.

For ASID an inclusive society is made up of people who are aware of differences but who respect and allow the participation of everyone in their social routines. It should start on respecting the differences and then unfold the physical and architectural accessibility, inclusion of persons with disabilities in the labor market and we can see disabled people frequenting shopping malls, markets, parks, cinemas, festivals, ballads and the like. Exercising your rights, going through experiences that give you evolution through their manifestations.

We believe that the utility is the manifestation of his virtues and that people with disabilities should receive incentives that encourage them to develop and become protagonists of their lives. We focus on the qualities and not the limits, on the virtue behind the deficiency. We know that the family is a crucial part of the process and that it must believe in the virtues and potential of your child so that he can believe in himself and reach his potential. We believe that in an inclusive society, people with disabilities must exercise utility, regardless of which one, that provides them with usefulness.

Increasingly, ASID innovates to promote the evolution of institutions serving the disabled. For this, we always work for free in several areas and where there are opportunities for improvement and will to grow, ASID will be there.