What is ASID?


“We bring companies, volunteers, institutions, and people with disabilities together in order to construct an inclusive society”

– Development of the Institutions

ASID works by combining a diagnosis (IDEE – Special Education and Development Index), assistance and the development of networks so that the institutions can better structure themselves, offer better quality services and increase the number of seats available, to end waiting lists. The IDEE is the first step ASID takes to work with institutions. In this diagnosis, using 26 indicators and 143 assessment items, 8 management areas are analyzed. With the obtained results, it is possible to identify how the institution is doing overall, as well as separately for each area, creating the basis for the suggestion of improvements, the definition of goals and the suggestions of workshops for its development.

– Corporate Volunteer Program

Throughout the last 7 years, ASID has created programs that involve capacity building, raising awareness and hands-on activities. The capacity building programs use the volunteers’ potential to multiply knowledge. The programs that raise awareness involve activities between volunteers and people with disabilities, where they can learn new things together. The hands-on programs define the activities that generate change in the visual and even structural part of the supported institutions. We also manage volunteer programs and committees, check in, provide capacity building and empower these individuals so that the volunteer program is multiplied and becomes even more impacting.

– Diversity and Inclusion

Why not combine the potential shown by people with disabilities, who are cared for at the institutions from the ASID network, with companies who want to work with labor market inclusion? This is how ASID’s methodology for inclusion was born, based on raising awareness among company collaborates as the base for the process of the inclusion of people with disabilities in the labor market. A process that involves the development of collaborators from partner companies and allows involved PWD to utilize their full potential.

Our values

  • We build inspiring relationships, based on friendship, toward the same ideals
  • We deliver results with quality and excellence, making it all happen regardless of the context
  • We work for a cause and because of this we have the courage to be entrepreneurs and to face challenges
  • We all own ASID, which is why we’re responsible for our work and the cause we take part in
  • We’re continually growing and improving, and innovating to obtain results
  •  We measure the results of all of the processes and projects we carry out