Value Proposals

We work with corporate volunteering, articulation for the inclusion of people with disabilities in the labor market, local community development and cause-related marketing actions:


3.120 engaged volunteers


Hundreds of managers sensitized with lectures, workshops and experiences in the cause


Acting in 41 cities in Brazil


More than 35,000 social products sold


The methodology we have created has been recognized by more than 20 national and international awards. The actions are co-created with the client companies and may involve:

  • Diagnosis of engagement;
  • Internal campaigns;
  • Survey and organization of activities;
  • Training and qualification of committees;
  • Monitoring and carrying out actions;
  • Measurement of results for the impacted institution and the development of the participating volunteers;
  • Generating reports and co-creating future company actions;
  • Training on Design Thinking and other methodologies.

Know this methodology in practice from cases built with companies and institutions:

This involved directly mobilizing 3,120 volunteers and thousands of others indirectly, through training and monitoring of committees.


Our methodology is based on the construction of an organizational culture that supports the inclusion process because we believe that this makes the inclusion process assertive and successful in the long run.

  • Lectures: moments where we present the reality, the profile, inspiring stories, where many of the participants end up having a first contact with the universe of the disabled person;
  • Workhops: these are activities and moments of reflection in which the participating collaborators are led to create empathy with the disabled people and in fact begin to become inclusive;
  • Experiences with disabled people: the collaborators of the partner company carry out activities together with the disabled people, thus recognizing their potential and preparing to be part of an inclusive team;
  • Articulation for inclusion: from this we articulate with the institutions of the ASID Network for recruitment and selection.

Meet some cases of Inclusion:


With the goal of expanding our impact locally and providing new tools for local communities, we use our expertise in the cause of people with disabilities coupled with Collective Impact Theory to promote management advice for institutions and the development of more inclusive local communities:

  • Carry out the local diagnosis;
  • Engagement and creation of a common agenda;
  • Co-creation of the development plan;
  • Articulation of the actors to build the inclusive community;
  • Community follow-up.
  • In this way we empower the community of tools and a new culture that are incorporated by everyone involved.

Companies that have had their communities developed:


The performance on this front allows the expansion of ASID to new cities, recognition of our brand and partner company with the general public.

Actions are structured with objectives and goals. ASID’s marketing teams and the partner company hold strategic meetings to define the best way to impact the public.

From then on, graphics materials, videos, influencer engagement and everything else that involves an MRC action are created.

At the end we work with the results survey and the planning of a new action for the future.