Telefônica Foundation and Escola 29 de Março: Volunteers from 7 countries together for a cause

Fundação Telefônica Vivo has developed the Solidarity International Vacations, a project within the volunteer program in which employees can sign up to dedicate 15 days of their vacations to voluntary work in institutions and social projects. In 2017 ASID was a partner in the development of the project, which took place from July 31 to August 11 at the Escola 29 de Março in Curitiba, Brazil. The purpose of the edition was to develop some areas of management and pedagogical activities of the school, which emerged as a demand of management and employees.

The project mobilized 16 volunteers from 7 countries (Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Spain, Italy, Peru and Venezuela), 47 employees of the Escola 29 de Março, 13 employees of ASID, 107 students with multiple disabilities, and 3 members of Telefônica Foundation. The work covered several issues and was organized in three stages. In the first, there was the contextualization of the group on the third sector in Brazil and the unfolding of this scenario with the disabled person; in the second part, a Design Thinking workshop was held with practical activities aimed at improving Escola 29 de Março; and, in the last, moments of integration with students and employees, aiming to generate empathy and to strengthen the bonds between these publics.

During the period some ideas of improvement for the institution occurred, the group of volunteers divided into three work fronts: routine, technology and funding. The first front, which should develop projects that answered the question “How to make the students’ routine of 29 de Março happier?” They organized the “Day of Beauty” for students and installed speakers on school buses, among other activities. The technology team worked on the question “How to use technology such as digital display technology to optimize organizational performance?” And focused on developing social networks and the school site, as well as teacher training for use of digital displays. The third group, from the fundraising, carried out a remodeling in the bazaar, where the organization generates free resources through the sale of donated clothes, and elaborated some institutional materials, such as banner and signboards.


  • 2 partnerships: Instituto Embelleze and Fundação Atlético Paranaense;
  • 1 space completely renovated and 5 items donated;
  • Institutional communication renewed;
  • 2.5 hours of digital marketing training for school professionals;
  • 1,280 hours of voluntary work;
  • 107 students, 47 professionals and 16 volunteers impacted.

The satisfaction of the public, from volunteers to students, demonstrated the importance and the impact that the activities had on the life of each participant. The potential to transform more and more realities through the International Solidarity Program is immense. A transformative project, that only those who are part can really know the impact it brings. It is these works that bring us closer and closer to building an inclusive society.

“When we think about being with them, we think they need help. But that is not true. It’s us who need help.” Marco Costa, MPLS Technician E-End

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