Social Investment

como-apoiarASID’s growth is made possible through Private Social Investment.

ASID believes that people, companies, institutions and foundations can do more for those around them. To help in this endeavour, we mobilize private social investment in favor of causes for people with disabilities.

What is Private Social Investment?
It is the voluntary transfer of private resources, in a planned, monitored and systematic way, to social, environmental and cultural projects that interest the general public.

Why invest in ASID?
The Social Impact of the investment can be monitored and measured from close up.
The Corporate Volunteering is another form of involving the collaborators and further impacting the development of the institutions.
All of the Awards and Recognition reveal the serious and credible work that ASID is doing.


How to give your support:


Objective: Conduct projects in the Institutions for people with disabilities with the involvement of the collaborators of the company, through ASID’s volunteering programs, created, managed and impact measured by ASID.
Investor Profile: Large Companies, Institutions and Foundations.
How to Support: Social Investment through Projects.


Objective: Allow the creation of a network for the Institutions for people with disabilities, guaranteeing that they all have access to knowledge and information.
Investor Profile: Small and Medium Companies
How to Support: Continuous Monthly Social Investment, through the Special Campaign and through Partnerships for Beneficiary Events.


Objective: Guarantee the continuous growth of Institutions for people with disabilities that have had projects from ASID, allowing the increase in spaces available and in the quality of education/care.
Investor Profile: Large and Medium Companies
How to Support: Continuous Monthly Social Investment.


Objective: Invest directly in ASID, making the Study and Development of new methodologies and technologies that help institutions for people with disabilities possible.
Investor Profile: Individuals
How to Support: Directed and continued investment through the site