SAP and APABB: impact through sports

The Games of Good is an SAP project that had ASID as executor in 2017 in Rio de Janeiro. Its objective was to promote inclusion through sport, to promote the role of people with disabilities and to integrate volunteers and people with disabilities. For this we have the APABB (Association of Parents, Friends and Disabled of People Employees of Banco do Brasil and the Community), which through the Movement Project already promoted the sport for athletes with intellectual disabilities.

The modalities practiced on the day of the action were swimming, bocce and an obstacle course. All the activities were developed integrating the participation of the athletes with volunteers. The action started with swimming, which was performed in different modalities. The volunteers performed the activity giving support when needed and swimming in the relay. Then all went to the pitch, volunteers and athletes formed doubles and held a elimination competition, the double winners were still competing for the final game to elect the winning pair. In the last activity, volunteers and athletes were also divided into pairs and were to cross a circuit that had several obstacles, while the teachers counted the time each one took to score the winners at the end. In the categories were also considered the abilities of each athlete so that there was medal award to all.

The athletes and their families had the opportunity to get out of the rut, generating more motivation to continue in the sport. Many of them have outdone themselves on the day of the action, managing to work in pairs and performing activities they do not usually do. The students with autism, mainly, were able to interact with the volunteers and surpassed the expectations of the teachers. Families, on the other hand, were proud to be able to present them as winners.

Volunteers were able to work side-by-side with people with disabilities and realize their capabilities beyond limitations, thus generating a moment of awareness for the cause and integration among the participants. Actions like this have the power to generate empathy for the cause of the person with disabilities while integrating volunteers, people with disabilities, families and institutions.

Participating in the Action at APABB was an incredible experience! Contributing to making employees and students happier was very rewarding! And I could not fail to mention that ASID has a very important role in this process because it interfaces with the institution, in this case APABB, and SAP. – Vanessa Gonsales, SAP volunteer

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