Samsung and Instituto Gabi: social and technological experience

In 2017 ASID carried out a project in partnership with Samsung and Instituto Gabi, a NGO that works to promote skills and abilities for people with disabilities with a view to social inclusion. The goal was to support Samsung in creating a corporate volunteer culture and, through action, it was possible to promote employee integration, the direct interaction of the company in the cause of people with disabilities and a social and technological experience to those attended by the institution.

The main focus of the action was to generate interaction between collaborators and people with disabilities with artistic activities and technology. At first, the volunteers were invited to carry out along with the attended recreational activities such as the creation of a table with the seabed for the youngest and the organization of a party with the adolescents. And, secondly, attendees were able to use virtual reality glasses (VRs) and tablets interacting with the platforms through virtual reality games and videos.

The main thrust of the project was the timing of technology-related activities in which Samsung’s volunteers supported the institution’s beneficiaries, who come from needy families, using tablets, virtual reality glasses and other gadgets from the company, focusing on software assistive technology. The goal was to bring the students of the institution an opportunity to interact with technology, opening a new world of development possibilities.

On the one hand, the employees had the opportunity to interact with the reality of the institution and, on the other hand, those who had been in contact had the technology, Samsung’s main value proposition, bringing the two realities closer together. Volunteers were able to approach a culture of solidarity, diversity and social inclusion. And those served had the opportunity to interact with technologies that generally do not interact, thus opening a new world of development possibilities.

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