Our Story

In Brazil, it is estimated that there are 3,500 schools and philanthropic service centers that serve more than 300,000 people with disabilities of all ages, with an average family income of two minimum wage salaries. However, these institutions are unable to care for everyone who seeks their help and have a waiting list of tens of thousands of needy families. Our story is still being written every day. In 2015 we will launch new methodologies of work in the institutions and new types of corporate volunteer programs. Contact us and learn how you can be a part of these actions so that ASID can build a special future for people with disabilities!

  • 25 de setembro de 2015


    With the seal of the biggest social entrepreneurship award in Latin America, 2014 was a year that comes down the word "expansion" in both the number of social investing companies, as the beneficiary institutions, as well as corporate ...Saiba mais
  • 25 de setembro de 2015


    The year 2013 represented a lot of expansion of the social impact generated by ASID. The number of projects increased doubled, and so the number of volunteer actions reforms. With the construction of a house through the Hands On voluntee...Saiba mais
  • 25 de setembro de 2015


    With several ongoing projects, a methodology formats, with solutions for management and infrastructure of institutions, ASID received his first award, the Human Being Award - Luiz Hamilton Berton 2012, from the Human Resources Association ...Saiba mais
  • 24 de setembro de 2015


    The number of projects grew and the methodology was improved, the action in the Alternativa School came to an end and put into practice the Corporate Volunteering Program Hands On in this way the projects have been offering solutions both ...Saiba mais
  • 6 de julho de 2010

    2010 - ASID turns true

    After much research and planning ASID was legally born. The first project under way in the Alternativa School presents results and parallel happens the search for social investment, after more than 80 meetings in business and improvement ...Saiba mais
  • 5 de julho de 2008

    2008 - An idea arises

    The idea of ​​ASID Brazil was born in a project to the Federal University of Paraná, in which the goal was to create a project of a nonprofit organization. Based on life experience with his ​​sister Laura, Alexandre Amorim decided ...Saiba mais