Our Manifest

We are building an inclusive society.

We work for a society where the disabled person is accepted by his family, is seen as a member of society, attends public spaces, enters the job market when he has the capacity and has a third age surrounded by those he loves.

Our team is made up of people who work for a purpose to build a better world.

We are tireless and determined, hold the torch to light the way, leaving a legacy to the world.

Based on the founders’ life experiences, ASID was born with one goal: to enable all people with disabilities to reach their best potential.

To build an inclusive society we join companies, volunteers, institutions and people with disabilities.

We do not give the fish, but teach fishing.

In this way we construct waves that direct our work. Thus we directly impact the employees of the partner companies and their volunteers; directors, beneficiaries and families of people with disabilities in the institutions.

We know that the world changes all the time, we do not expect to change the way we do things and innovate.

Let’s impact 10 million lives by 2025.

Our society is inclusive. We are ASID.