Our Impact

  • “They exceeded all our expectations due to the high degree of professionalism, dedication and social commitment of both organizations. The implementation of the project has positively impacted us, challenging us to continuously improve our professionalism and management.”
    Joana Catalano, Institutional Coordinator of AAEB
  • “To think that the visit of ASID in September 2017 or even the indication that generated it could impact so intensely and magnified the lives of so many people! Yes, we are all involved in this great effort to mobilize and act. People who plan together and in a humanized way, an activity that is so important can and does have everything to generate even more fruit. As soon as we, fathers and mothers, professionals and athletes with and without disabilities of the APABB we feel in participating in that special action. We strengthen bonds, we stimulate existing potentials and the main, we discover so many wonderful”
    Cristiane Alves Gonzaga, Administrative Supervisor of APABB-RJ
  • “At Nova Projeto (New Project) we always work alone and turned “in”. The arrival of ASID put us face to face with our difficulties and management failures, which prevented us from growing more. The ASID Mentoring project together with GS1 Brazil volunteers brought us the experience, knowledge and current vision in various areas – strategic planning, financial planning, marketing. We want to thank for the dedication of the entire ASID team and the commitment and donation of all GS1 Brazil volunteers.”
    Monica A. Wahlbuhl, Director of Nova Projetos
  • “Working was my dream, with my first salary I made several purchases home. I’ve already made a savings and now I can help my family.”
    Guilherme Rutelionis, Student of Escola Primavera and worker of Pelissari Gestão e Tecnologia



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