Invest US$10

Contribute to this value so that more institutions can evolve, participating in our training program, Global Management.

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Invest US$20

With this value, more institutions can improve their management, enabling quality teaching for people with disabilities.

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Invest US$30

With this figure, more institutions could increase the number of places for people with disabilities.

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Invest US$50

Enable the construction of growth strategies for more institutions, building an increasingly better reality for the disabled person.

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I make a donation to ASID Brasil, what is the path that my donation travels to generate social impact?

Your donation will be directed to the projects of ASID in the beneficiary institutions. You will have access to project progress reports. Click here and know the value propositions of ASID projects.

How Much Can I Donate?

Starting at R $ 10. For then we will have the possibility of impacting more institutions. To donate different amounts, contact us at +55 41 3501-3145 and +55 41 3524-3145.

What is the legal constitution of ASID?

ASID is an NGO (Non-Governmental Organization), certified as Oscip (Civil Society Organization of Public Interest), with CNPJ (National Register of Legal Entities) number 12.291.500 / 0001-09. Annually, we are audited by the Ministry of Justice.

Do you hold accountability for projects and funds raised?

All results of our projects and results of actions, testimonials of beneficiaries, cases of success and many other information are found in the Impact Report of ASID Brasil, click here and access all our Reports.

Can I visit and follow the projects?

Yes, before you even make your donation, we invite you to contact our team and follow up on the projects. To schedule a time, the phones are +55 41 3501-3145 and +55 41 3524-3145, with the project team.

Can I participate in ASID's volunteer activities in the institutions?

Yes, and for this it is not necessary to be an ASID donor. Participation in Volunteering happens through the availability of vacancies. Click here and access the volunteer notice and register to have access to all volunteer opportunities

Our Numbers

42 Good Practices


36 IDEE's applied


6,34% Growth of Institutions

2 Ideation Projects

117 Benefited Institutions

45.630 People Impacted

92 Investors Enterprises

3 Administrative Advisory Projects

13 Workshop Meetings

3.929h Of Volunteer Work

8 Coffees of Good Practices

2.090 Of Volunteer Participations

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