How we do it

To build an inclusive society we carry out a social diagnosis with several publics in some cities to better understand the life trajectory of a disabled person, we have seen the main points that need to be worked out.

The goal is to impact 10 million people by 2025. Therefore, the projects follow 3 guidelines, which are divided into 9 programs according to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and are carried out through 4 tools:


We created a methodology based on diagnosis of management, project and free accompaniment for the institutions of teaching and philanthropic care for people with disabilities. This methodology allows the structuring of internal processes to improve the quality of service and increase the number of vacancies.


We promote events such as the Coffee of Good Practices and publicize project opportunities for the institutions that are part of the ASID Network. Is your institution not yet part of the Network? So get in touch by email or phone and join, it’s free. Click here to see some projects carried out by ASID in partnership with companies in the institutions that are part of ASID Network. Contacts:


ASID has created a volunteer methodology that unites the volunteer activities of the partner companies in the institutions of the ASID Network. They are carried out from mentoring to reform, generating results for those who participate as a volunteer, the partner company and all the beneficiaries of the institutions that receive the activities.


On that front we created a methodology that prepares the company that wishes to make the inclusion and articulates with ASID Network institutions for recruitment and selection. The result? Sensitized people aware of the potential of the disabled on the one hand and opportunities to work for those who need it most for the other, building an inclusive society.

Based on the theory of change, we have developed 9 activities that can be done with institutions to generate social impact and achieve our mission.