Corporate Volunteering

We manage the volunteer program with the objective of engaging people in the cause, impacting institutions and building results with the companies.

ASID believes in the impact generated by volunteer work, creating improved conditions for those who need it, providing a beneficiary experience for the volunteer and the company involved, thus generating a relationship where everyone involved can be benefitted. Because of this, ASID has done many studies and actions and today counts on new methods for managing the volunteer program. In addition to the already existing projects, Empowerment, Hands On and Special Leader, the Volunteering team has created two new projects: Mentoring and Teaching.





 R$ 200,732

Invested on the Schools


 11,674 hours

of voluntary work



People benefitted


Hands On

Hands On is a volunteering program that combines the desire of companies to generate an impact on the school with the structural needs of each educational institute.

“Hands On! A great and very representative expression for this initiative which seems very appropriate to me, in terms of constructing what is necessary at schools where so many children will be able to grow and develop in a cleaner, warmer and safer environment (…) A different and dynamic organization that should congratulate itself along with the Renault Institute.” Marc Barral – Renault Volunteer





Through the knowledge of the volunteers, the needs of the schools are met, in terms of management knowledge and process optimization.

“For a long time I have wanted to do something voluntary and this channel that was created between ASID and Intertechne was a great opportunity! So much so that I can’t wait to participate in the Empowerment for Excel II” Ricardo Fiori Bonatto, Empowerment Volunteer




Why not generate a social benefit and develop the competencies of leadership in the managers of large companies?

With this in mind, ASID created the Special Leader Program. Through various studies, surveys and tests, this innovative concept was created. Following the model of a consultancy service, the managers of companies have the opportunity of developing leadership competencies and at the same time helping the schools to create significant improvements in their administrative processes.




What if the knowledge of the volunteers is combined with activities for the students of these institutions for people with disabilities? The result is certainly plenty of learning.

This is the purpose of the Teach Program, in workshops organized collaboratively, the volunteers can pass their knowledge onto the students through classes or workshops, so that students can apply the content of the classes to their everyday lives. Classes such as accessories making classes, financial education, physical education, among other themes, are planned in such a way that they cause improvements in the students’ lives and develop their abilities.



An extension of the successful program Empowerment was put together to further optimize the managing process of the schools.

The Empowerment Program is already a very important tool to optimize the management of schools, yet even more improvements can be generated in this process of evolution. Which is why the Mentoring Program was created: as an extension of the successful Empowerment program. The proposal for the volunteers is to work, in teams of two or three, with the group the school decides upon by assisting them on the proposed theme.



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