ASID Brasil holds another edition of Projeto Vacaciones Solidárias, of Fundação Telefônica Vivo

ASID Brasil and Fundação Telefônica Vivo have teamed up again to carry out another project for the inclusion of people with disabilities, a new edition of Solidarity Vacations. This is a program where volunteer employees of the Telefónica Group, who work in any country where the company has its headquarters, donate 15 days of their vacations to promote social and educational activities around the world.

ASID was responsible for managing the program and for articulating the Foundation and the Primavera School, the institution that received the project, in Curitiba. In all, there were 10 volunteers from different countries, such as: Spain, Argentina, France, Venezuela, Colombia, Chile and also Brazil. But how did everything work out?

Initially, the volunteers were separated into 3 distinct groups, each with its mission, being: inclusion, communication and innovation. These areas were chosen because they corresponded to the school’s greatest needs.

The first team aimed at improving the process of inclusion in the labour market, so they were trained to understand the real difficulties of the school and thus create a plan of action. This process consisted of interviews with the teachers and students, observation of the workshops offered by the institution and also a conversation with Droga Raia, a company that has already hired 10 students from Escola Primavera.

Subsequently, the following actions were initiated: standardization of a curriculum for students and mapping of their competencies, formation of a committee of professionals, responsible for meeting every two months to discuss the students’ competences, and “Meeting of the Beasts”.

The last action on this front had as principle to stimulate the students, mainly of visual form. In this way, students already in the job market started to wear a scarf with a different color from those that are not yet. A mosaic frame was also made in which around him will have photos of the students who perform better in the activities, thus forming the club and moving the employability inside the school.

The communication group also underwent a training process and developed several internal actions, among them the standardization of e-mails, installation of computers and internet, institutional video briefing, improvement of the presentation of the school and creation of a story bank – the storytelling.

The third team, the innovation team, had as a proposal to bring some innovative knowledge to the students. From then on, a partnership with another project of the Telefónica Foundation, Programaê, was created, whose mission is to teach the logic of programming for children and adolescents.

For the Vacations, a pilot was developed for people with intellectual disability, in which the students could learn the step by step of the whole process.

Volunteers and Students at Primavera School

In parallel to all these actions, the volunteers also had several moments of interaction with students, through gymnastics, walks, cultural fair and even, a lesson about the country of origin of each volunteer given by themselves. Fatima, representative of Spring, says:

“Receiving the Solidarity Vacation in Spring School was a very celebrated gift from the team. We had moments of knowledge, to rethink the practice, to play, to sing and to fraternize. It was a wonderful experience that left a positive mark on the students, their families and everyone in the school. ”

At the end, it was possible to perceive that ASID and the Telefónica Foundation were able to achieve the expected result: to provide cultural exchanges and experiences in order to promote social development and leave a legacy for the institution to develop from actions, inclusive society.

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