What is ASID?


ASID Brasil – Social Action for the Equality of Differences is a non-profit organization that has been working since 2010 to develop qualified management for philanthropic Schools and Care Centers for people with disabilities by providing free services to these institutions. This methodology has two objectives: to raise the quality of education and/or treatment and to increase the number of spaces available, since it is estimated that today there is a waiting list of tens of thousands of families who are in need around the country and cannot find the necessary care.

Since the beginning of its activities, ASID’s actions have been enhanced, going beyond Administrative Assistance to Corporate Volunteer Programs and the creation of Networks and Alliances in favor of the institutions. Until 2014, 23 institutions from Curitiba had been benefitted, as activities were taken up in Foz do Iguaçu and in two other states: Santa Catarina, in the city of Joinville, and São Paulo, in Cubatão.

– Vision

Social Organizations Transforming the World

– Values

ASID’s values accurately express our essence.

“We construct inspiring relationships, based on friendships, for the same ideal.”

“We work for a cause which is why we have the courage to face and take on new challenges.”

“We deliver results with quality and excellence, making things happen regardless of the context.”

“We are all ASID owners, which is why we are responsible with our job and with the cause we are a part of.“

“We are continually growing and improving, innovating to obtain results.”

“We measure all the results from the processes and projects we carry out.”